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Create Topic List by Label in Blog Post in Blogger

Thanks a bunch to Alan Levine aka CogDogBlog for developing Feed2JS & to Brian Teller for keeping it alive.

When user clicks on a label, blogger lists the posts matching the label along with partial post content. When there are more posts, this type of navigation is not very user friendly as just showing the post titles as a list.

One way to do this is, create this type of list manually. But this is time consuming and difficult to maintain in the long term. There is an easier way of doing this automatically using feeds :-)

Using the tool Feed2JS, we can generate a script from a feed URL, which can then be used in a HTML/Javascript widget or in a Page or a Post.

Step 1: Go to Feed2JS

Step 2: Enter your feed URL in the URL field. Your blogger feed URL would be of the format:

Example, for this site, the feed URL for getting the list of Posts for the Label "Blogger" is

An example of this functionality in action is the below post:

Step 3: Click on "Preview Feed" to check whether its working as expected.

Step 4: Click on Generate Script.

Step 5: Create a new blog post and switch to "HTML" view. Copy paste the above code and Publish the Post.

Step 6: The post would now look like below.

You can now link to the above post from your navigation bar.

Useful Links

  1. Using Custom Style
  2. Feed2JS GitHub Source Code


  1. I'm really glad to see this is working! I've been trying a few changes under the hood on the site and had hoped I did not mess anything up.


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